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Chesapeake, VA
  May 14, 2024

Trish was the easiest person to work with! Her knowledge and expertise made the loan process a breeze. She was easily available and was great with communication. I would highly recommend her!

Virginia Beach , VA
  May 4, 2024

Trish and Rachel went above and beyond. The beginning to the end flowed seamless and I was delighted by Trish’s personality every time we spoke. I couldn’t wait to meet her at the closing table. For my next home I will definitely be coming back to Trish.

Raleigh, NC
  April 4, 2024

I am very thrilled to share that I have absolutely enjoyed working with Trish. Her customer service, knowledge and professionalism is with out a doubt top notch and would very highly recommend!!

If you are looking for a superb lending team - these are your people!

Chesapeake, VA
  February 27, 2024

Hands down, Trish is who you want to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable and #1 when it comes to responsiveness. No matter when we needed assistance, she always made herself available. She was proactive at keeping me and my clients up to date at all times. Her expertise, dedication and exceptional customer service made the entire home buying process stress free and efficient. Thank you Trish!!!

Portsmouth , VA
  February 15, 2024

Trish was absolutely outstanding in her role. She demonstrated exceptional dedication by staying on top of her responsibilities and ensuring that we were always well-informed. It was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with her on this project.

Hampton, VA
  February 9, 2024

We definitely felt like she cared about our time and our goals!

Virginia Beach, VA
  February 1, 2024

Trish Coffey has help my wife and I purchase at least 6 homes how and quickly became a family friend after the first. She always makes the process very seamless as she already knows what the underwriters will need and gets ahead of everything. I have used other lenders before her and unfortunately know all about what a bad lender experience can entail!! On top of simply being a nice and genuine person; her communication skills are second to none and she will shoot you straight on the process! Highly recommend!!! No need to use anyone else.


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